Tuesday, March 07, 2006

News - The Academy Awards: "Out of Touch" and Proud of It - Center for Reclaiming America

Dr. Gary Cass writes his own take on the just-completed Academy Awards show. Because he watched the show, I didn't have to--and I'm glad I didn't. Read it for yourselves.

I do have one comment about his conclusion, however. He speaks of "active defense" of self and family against the anti-redemptive messages that are the current staple on film today. But surely the best "active defense" is not to go. Gather your copies of the movies that Hollywood turned out in the Hays Code days (see also this Wikipedia treatment), and also during World War Two and for about ten or fifteen years thereafter--and then say, "So long; it was good to know you when the fellowship was worth it." Get the occasional good title on a home disk, and forget about the commercial cinema--and the Academy.


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