Tuesday, March 07, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Democrat for Senate: Kill practicing 'gays'

Only someone with no political experience, running as a Democrat only because that's the way he voted the last time (and evidently he hasn't voted in quite awhile), would come up with a position like this.

For the record, I condemn this pointless and counterproductive attempt to prescribe the penalty of death for homosexual behavior. First, society shouldn't execute anyone for any crime short of murder. Second, "immoral conduct" ought to be a crime only when it affects other people, directly or indirectly--and homosexuality, as abominable as it is, does not rise to a legitimate level of concern by the government. (The Bible clearly states that the government has one sphere of duty, and the church another.)

Tragically, many of his other positions are correct--except that I don't call for prayer in public schools but rather for the abolition of public schools. I say tragic because he ruins an otherwise good platform with a position no Christian could support. (A Muslim might, but that's another topic.)

Predictably, Democratic bloggers are suggesting that he's a Republican plant in the Democratic primary. But I doubt that the Republicans would pull a stunt quite this stupid. I'd be surprised if he got more than a single vote--his own.


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