Monday, March 06, 2006

My Dirty Little Former Secret - Christianity Today Magazine

The author has presented an excellent article on the movie Brokeback Mountain and what it represents. His take is personal--he had his own "Brokeback Moment," and he could vouch for all the emotions of all the characters depicted in that film.

He also discusses one thing that I didn't mention before: at the end, the Heath Ledger character finds himself totally alone and isolated, his wife divorced from him, himself unable to return a woman's love, and finally his homosexual lover killed in a freak accident. (I can't understand that accident--as if someone was still using multi-piece wheel rims in this day and age. But I digress.) Now I'm sure that the filmmakers and Director Ang Lee wanted to say, "See? If those two shepherds had been allowed to marry, none of that would have happened!" But the actual message is, "See what happens when you lie to those closest to you, and dabble in something unnatural? Where does it get you? All alone, that's where."

That aside--if that movie could help anyone break free of that lifestyle once for all, then it's done some good. But that still didn't make it worthy of a nomination for Best Picture of the Year (which, as I've mentioned before, it didn't win).


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