Sunday, March 26, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Charges dropped against Christian

You read that right. Case dismissed for lack of evidence.

Lack of evidence? That's right--evidently the court held that the prosecutors had not satisfied the court that Abdul Rahman was mentally competent to stand trial.

As I said before, this wouldn't be the first instance in recorded history of a court of law essentially dismissing a case against a follower of Christ after his judges found him insane. Remember that insane is a legal term meaning "not answerable for one's actions because of diminished mental capacity." To find someone not even mentally competent to stand trial is the equivalent of summarily dismissing his case on grounds of insanity.

Recall also that the Bible says that if you're a Christian, non-Christians are going to think you're crazy. From their light, you have to be crazy to believe in a God like the one I serve (and, I assume, Mr. Rahman now serves).

The Afghani officials still haven't decided what to do. They could release him, or not, while they continue their investigation. They could drop the whole thing right now. Or they could eventually throw him out of the country. And even if they sentence him to death, Mr. Rahman reiterates that he'd be happy with that. (Yes, I know--now you think he really is crazy. You wouldn't if you understood how the Bible clearly shows that he would go to a better place--with stronger guarantees than the Koran has ever given.)

By the way: a judge of the Afghani Supreme Court has already said that the West has no place to criticize the Afghani judiciary, seeing that they allow same-sex marriage. So you can readily see how the United States and especially other countries in Europe have ruined their witness by allowing this practice. To all advocates of this practice, I now ask: What have you now to say for yourselves? And what would you have to say, had that court not dismissed that case?


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