Wednesday, April 12, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Homosexual hobbits?

According to Ted Turner, they might be. At issue: Ted Turner acquired the premiere broadcast rights for the Lord of the Rings films. He's going to present two of them (Fellowship and Two Towers) this weekend on TBS. He made a promotional video for the films, showing Frodo and Sam together. The trouble is that he accompanied this with a clip from a song titled "Secret Lovers."

Here again, Hollywood (and Television City) doesn't believe in buddies anymore. In the world of Annie Proulx, the producers of Brokeback Mountain, and now, apparently, Ted Turner, buddies do not exist. When two persons of the same sex care as deeply for another's welfare that each would sacrifice his life for the other (like Frodo and Sam), they must be lovers.

In fact, the Bible is full of buddy pairs. David and Jonathan probably make the most famous buddy pair. Paul and Barnabas were two buddies that had a falling-out. And no one ever suggested that their relationships were any more intimate than that.

Until today.


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