Friday, April 07, 2006

OpinionJournal - New Time, Same Katie

It's official: The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.

I've talked about the troubles at CBS for years. First, they talked about signing Diane Sawyer--and I thought they'd blown their gaskets then. Then it was Katie Couric--and I thought their mental state had deteriorated even further. (I still do.) I also thought that she wouldn't last very long before Peter Jennings chewed her up and spat her out--but then Peter Jennings died, and with him passed the era of the avuncular anchorman.

People had doubts that the Katie Couric un-hook would succeed--but it did, mostly because Leslie Moonves was determined. I still remember how I greeted the official announcement. Then I didn't think about it any more for awhile--until...!

And as bad as that is, her replacement at Today is arguably worse. I didn't think it could possibly be. And even when I heard that Meredith Vieira was getting the nod, I thought nothing of it. That was before I heard that she, sent to cover an anti-war protest, actually participated in it.

Bring it on, CBS and NBC. Fox will blow you away.


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