Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Prof. criticized for overpopulation view

Remember Eric Pianka? And Forrest Mims? Well, now that Dr. Pianka has received some poison e-mails (including one message I must condemn out-of-hand, that threatens him with death), he is beating a mealy-mouthed retreat. He now accuses unnamed others (and he must really mean Dr. Mims) of quoting him out-of-context. Dr. Mims is having none of that. The gist of his retort is: "I was there; I heard you; you want ninety percent of humanity to die; don't try to weasel your way out of this one."

And naturally, the University of Texas insists that "the views expressed by this particular faculty member are his own and do not represent", etc., etc., etc.

Most tellingly, however, Dr. Pianka never once said that he never expressed anything remotely similar to the speech that Dr. Mims quoted him as making. In other words, he never called Dr. Mims a liar. That's all the confirmation we need.


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