Sunday, April 02, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Scientists cheer holocaust wish

A word of caution: this story comes second-hand, from one witness, one Forrest Mims III, who says that he was present at a meeting of the Texas Academy of Science when:
  1. Another scientist by the name of Eric Pianka actually said that the human population needs to be reduced to ten percent of present levels, and his favorite method of accomplishing that aim was an airborne strain of Ebola.
  2. The academy audience burst out in long, sustained applause.
Now if--big if--that story is true, then two questions spring to mind:
  1. Why would anyone even think in such terms, much less speak them out loud?
  2. Why would his fellow scientists applaud him?
Mims' account is interesting for mentioning that Dr. Pianka allegedly used the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as his illustration. In fact, Revelation 6:1-8 tells us that twenty-five percent of the human population will die by the time the Fourth Horseman (on the pale-green horse) completes his ride, and that one-third of the remainder will die in the Sixth Trumpet Judgment. This will reduce the human population by half. Many of the rest will die in the Battle of the Second Coming of Christ.

But Dr. Pianka, apparently, isn't talking about the Second Coming. He's actually proposing the deliberate murder of nine out of every ten of his fellow human beings.

Mark that down in the be-careful-what-you-wish-for department--after gets through investigating Dr. Mims' story.


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