Friday, March 31, 2006

OpinionJournal - Immigration and the GOP

Make that "immigration and The Wall $treet Journal." Even a fine old reliable paper goes goofy when something comes up that they feel strongly about. Nathaniel Branden once said,
How low in their priorities is the issue of truth for most people when matters are involved about which they have strong feelings.
And so it is with The Wall Street Journal. Their lies are legion: that the country needs new workers (no, it doesn't; it just needs to modernize and mechanize more), and that anyone who opposes their open-borders policy is racist (when if anyone is racist, it's the illegal immigrants themselves, they and their assertions that we somehow stole the American Southwest, and they think they're going to take it back).

So The Wall Street Journal wants a solution? Representative Dana Rohrbacher has one: send prison work gangs into our orchards, if the operators of those orchards "can't get anybody to pick fruit." I have another: don't assume, as every employer seems to, that a job applicant is all washed up at forty-five or fifty.

The Journal also seems to think that without new immigrants, we're going to die out as a country. The problem: with all these immigrants, who have not only shown contempt for the law but have also declared war against this country, the United States won't be the United States anymore. It will instead be some kind of Republica del Norte having the same corruption and violence for which Latin America has been infamous since the heady days of Santa Ana and the successors to Simon Bolivar.


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