Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What Was CPT Doing in Iraq? - Christianity Today Magazine

Wasting their time and their lives on a thoroughly un-Biblical quest, is the only conclusion I can draw from this interview with the founder of that Quaker/Mennonite group that lost one member, then had three others rescued, and only one of them said, "Thank you," and two days late at that.

The Bible says, "He who bears the sword does not bear it in vain." [Romans 3:1-7] The Bible has never advocated pacifism. The only thing that the Bible forswears is the use of physical force to spread the Gospel or to regulate someone's behavior in a context other than that of violent crime. But when kingdom rises up against kingdom, a forceful response is not only appropriate, but necessary.

The pacifism of the so-called Christian Peacemaker Teams would be a reckless and irresponsible policy for any nation-state to adopt. Add to it their utter, abject failure to discern the threat that Islam poses.


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