Tuesday, March 28, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Doomsday for Islam?

Remember our friend Bob Pfriender, who is trying to convince the government to let him build three floating islands, twenty-five miles offshore, for deep-water scanning for radiation and chemical and germ traces? He's back. But now, after talking about the awful consequences to US society from a nuclear explosion in port, he is discussing the even more awful consequences to Islamic society of the inevitable--and not likely to be questioned--American retaliation.

Imagine this if you will. Teheran, Damascus, and Tripoli, all turned into ghost cities with "neutron bombs" designed to enhance radiation while minimizing light, heat, and blast. Bombs like these kill people but leave the buildings standing. Now imagine Mecca and Medina turned into radioactive glaze. (Mr. Pfriender suggests that Hebron would be on that list, but I'd sooner expect the President--or the martial-law commander--to sign an emergency pact with Israel clearing, and urging, the Israel Defense Force to capture Hebron and clean it out--again, no questions asked.) Imagine Qom and Najaf also turned into radioactive glaze.

Now imagine that part of the retaliation that Mr. Pfriender does not discuss. The United States never did tear down the Nisei resettlement camps from World War Two. Furthermore, in 1984 the USA military embarked on its "Readiness Exercise" in preparation for a massive influx of immigrants that dwarfs anything we have yet seen (as massive as that is already). The plan for REx-84 was to toss them into detention camps on existing US posts--including 45,000 at Fort A. P. Hill on the Blue Star Highway (US 301) in Virginia. Those camps still exist, because the US government never tears anything down. Staffing and sweeping them would be a very simple matter.

But don't whet your appetite too high for a scenario like this. This could be the War of the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse. In sharp contrast to C. S. Lewis and other Christian thinkers, I have never considered that Islam would be "The Beast" of Revelation 13 (the word used, Therion, means a hideous, ravening, and downright manic creature that destroys everything in its path for the sake of destroying.) Rather, Islam would be the foil for the appearance of the actual Beast, and his successor, the False Prophet (the one pretending to be the returning Jesus, and forcing everybody to get "marked" for identification). The awful war that Mr. Pfriender describes, coupled with a re-activation of all those detention facilities, would be entirely in keeping with the Beast's M.O. And you don't want to be around for that!


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