Sunday, April 02, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Bloomberg: Illegals needed to take care of golf courses

Of all the mealy-mouthed excuses for failure to enforce the law that I have ever heard a law-enforcement official or government executive make, this is the worst--except for El Presidente Vicente Fox (as in Crazy As)' own excuses for failure to stop people from crossing into our country illegally. Even that is a debatable point--after all, when governments stop people from leaving, we call it totalitarianism. Hizzoner's complaint that you can't prosecute people because then you wouldn't have people to take care of the golf courses is not debatable--it is just plain stupid.

I grow tired of hearing that illegal aliens are a vital piece of our nation's economy. Nation-states who give up their economies to immigrants end up changing in ways that the natives will live to regret. This is especially true in this case, with all those Chicano activists renewing their separatist calls for returning the American Southwest to Mexico.

Mayor Bloomberg, sadly, isn't alone in this folly. Larry Kudlow, who evidently never recognizes a terrorist until said terrorist is holding a knife to his throat, doesn't want to see anyone deported, and totally dismisses the spectacle of illegal aliens asserting that we somehow stole Mexican land. The Wall $treet Journal has never distinguished citizens from non-lawful residents, and clearly wishes that ethnic politics would go away. It won't, until Jesus chases it away when He establishes His Millennial Kingdom. Until then, we fight to preserve our culture from those who know only a culture of corruption and cyclical civil war.


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