Saturday, April 01, 2006

My Way News - Carroll Rejects Statements Made in Iraq

As I would fully expect.

A cardinal rule concerning public statements is that you never, never, lend credence to any statement made under duress. Duress makes all bargains illegitimate and non-binding.

This reminds me of the gradual release of US POW's from Vietnam (and we still don't know that we got them all back, though that's another story). The repatriated prisoners carefully waited until all their buddies who were going to get out, got out--and then they released a series of devastatingly incriminating drawings and statements testifying to their brutal treatment at the hands of the Communists.

And so it is with Jill Carroll. I never took seriously anything she said while she was in captivity. Today she disavows all those statements, so now we know what she really thinks.

And what she thinks--or rather what she experienced--is that fundamentalistic Muslims are a bunch of lying thugs. So much for religions of peace.


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