Monday, April 03, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Jurors: Death for Moussaoui

To be specific, the jurors have made a preliminary determination that Zacharias Moussaoui participated in the Manhattan Plot, that his lies to authorities resulted in deaths that those same authorities might otherwise have been able to prevent, and that he conspired to destroy an aircraft and use weapons of mass destruction. He therefore is eligible for the penalty of death.

Now "eligible for the penalty of death" is not yet the same as "sentenced to death." The sentencing phase begins later. The next step: a victim-impact hearing. Considering the kind of testimony that the court will likely take at such a hearing, I am now 99% confident that he will receive a sentence of death.

Not only did Moussaoui convict himself out of his own mouth when he took the stand, but also Khalid Sheikh Muhammad (Al-Qa'ida's J-3, who got caught with his pants down and his passwords written down and accessible in Pakistan) identified as a Manhattan Incident plotter. Given that, his conviction and execution-eligibility finding were well-nigh inevitable.


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