Tuesday, April 04, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Who's pulling strings of illegal alien activists?

Joseph L. Farah seems to have bought into the Conspiracy Theory of History--the notion that an eighty-years-running conspiracy has been making and breaking Presidents, suborning Senators and Representatives, and in general directing history where they think it should go. And that end is a one-world federation, primarily so that businessmen need not deal with international relations anymore--they'll just abolish them.

Joe, bless your heart, if that were true, then how do you explain John F. Kerry's execrable behavior in the Election of 2004? An arrogant, pompous ass like that does not run a race merely to lose. And after that performance, you can no longer say, as George C. Wallace did, that "there's not a dime's worth of difference between the two parties."

About the only way to explain why John Kerry ran such an insult-laden, mendacious campaign is that he offended his fellow members of the conspiracy, they determined that they wouldn't let him be President, and he sought to prove that he could be President and run the conspiracy no matter what anybody else thought. In other words, the Election of 2004 was an inter-office squabble on a grand scale.

Otherwise, the Conspiracy Theory of History cannot explain recent American political events--because those events make zero sense in a conspiratorial context.

Revelation tells us that a one-world dictator will, indeed, arise. But the man pulling his strings will be Satan, not some poor human imitator or group of imitators.


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