Thursday, April 06, 2006

WorldNetDaily: DeLay to file ethics charge against Cynthia McKinney

That might seem incongruous at first--after all, what Cynthia McKinney did was not so much unethical as obnoxious. But the real name of what the media have called "The House Ethics Committee" is actually the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct. And Cynthia McKinney's official conduct, or at least her conduct in her official setting, is indeed at issue.

Striking a law-enforcement officer who is then and there engaged in the lawful performance of his duties is a felony in whatever jurisdiction in which it occurs. That is what Cynthia McKinney frankly admits to doing, and for which she refuses to apologize. (She disputes whether the Capitol Policeman was "then and there in the lawful exercise of his duty"--but Tom DeLay is not the only Congressman who has stated that the Capitol Policeman certainly was.) Even The Atlanta Journal-Constitution decries her acts as arrogant and unproductive. Now you know you're in the wrong, or you should, when your own allies tell you that you are making a "trumped-up charge."

More than that, we now learn that a grand jury will investigate. Now that should prove interesting.


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