Tuesday, May 02, 2006

MEMRI: Arab Reformists Under Threat by Islamists: Bin Laden Urges Killing of 'Freethinkers'

The link has words from the camel's mouth--specifically Osama bin Laden's mouth, which a Middle East reformist site captured and posted.

For everyone's information, a freethinker is anyone who discards orthodoxy of any kind and declares himself "free to think" for himself. These two articles from Wikipedia offer more detail and links.

As you can well imagine, I don't have patience with freethinkers either--because I don't consider their thought to be as "free" as they make it out to be. They inevitably ignore, discount, or disrespect probabilistic and other evidence for the Divine foundation (and youth) of the world, and the absolute reliability of Divine prophecy.

That said, I would never require the death of such a person. Far from it! Anyone who dies without knowing Jesus Christ is doomed to spend eternity in a place that I would not wish on my worst enemy.

But orthodox Islam does demand the deaths of such people--and I would advise all the leftist anti-war people in the West to weigh Osama bin Laden's expressions of his intentions and desires far more carefully than they have done.

Back in 1941, Adolf Hitler made the mistake of invading Russia. Not only did he doom his army to practically being buried in snow, but he also alienated the anti-war Left in the USA--which movement began to howl for war even before Pearl Harbor. I wonder: what sort of terrorist strike will it take to shock the anti-war Left today?


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