Wednesday, April 26, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Citizen-built border fence gains steam

The method: owners of ranch land and other private property that has the US-Mexican border as one of its lines will grant permission to build those sections of the fence that run along those property lines. That's enough to cover 90 percent of the border. And Arizona's legislature is taking up a bill to permit ranchers who lease state common land for grazing, when such land abuts the border, to build sections of border fence along their leaseholds. (Too bad Senator McCain won't sponsor an act of Congress to allow leaseholders on federal grazing land to do the same thing--but Senator John Kyl might. Arizona residents, contact him!)

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Folks, this is something practical that we can all support, and all within the tradition of irregular militia that the Constitution itself says is "necessary to the existence of a free State."


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