Friday, April 21, 2006

College Abortion Vandalism Continues, Princeton Pro-Life Display Trashed

You didn't think that Northern Kentucky University was the only place where leftist campus thought vigilantes exact their brand of summary justice, did you? They're doing it at Princeton, too.

A pro-life student group estimated that 347 fewer students were available to come to Princeton this year, because their mothers aborted them. Abortion-happy students took exception to that and pasted their own message over the original. And what a tasteless message:

Support smaller class sizes: support abortion.
And this:
347 rusty coat hangers were saved from mangling and mutilation.
Ah, ahem! I happen to know of a number of women who came out of abortion mills in the 1980's and landed in the pulmonary critical-care facility where I was serving as an extern at the time. So don't talk to me about the relative hazards of "legal" versus "illegal" abortion.

Besides that, this shows that speech on a typical university campus is "free for me but not for thee." But what do you expect from people who spit on Christianity? They also spit on the Golden Rule, and clearly they don't follow it.


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