Wednesday, April 19, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Book-banning 'gay' profs forced to drop allegations

Here's the latest on the Ohio State book-recommendation flap. Now, the dean of the Mansfield campus has published a notice saying that no "sexual harassment" occurred, and that the faculty and staff will receive additional training in tolerating someone else's political viewpoints.

Why she did not immediately (nor, apparently, at the time of the writing of this article) notify Mr. Savage or his attorneys begs explanation. You'd think that anyone involved in a lawsuit would notify the other party's attorneys, even if she didn't want to communicate directly with one who has legal representation. (By ironclad convention, no attorney communicates directly with another attorney's client.)

The game has not ended here. Mr. Savage is still considering legal action against OSU and the three professors who lodged that frivolous complaint. And can any of you blame him? The dean's pleas that everyone "handle...conflict responsibly and with collegiality" ring especially hollow. (I know, because I personally have been involved with similar conflict in which such high-minded words turned out to mean zero, zip, and zilch.)

And, of course, anyone can buy The Marketing of Evil at the OSU-Mansfield bookstore--they never did "ban" the book, though WorldNetDaily's headlines might have given that misimpression. Not only that, but many in the OSU-M community have awakened to the book who might not have otherwise.

Bottom line: three idiots (I use the word deliberately to mean "one in a world of one's own") thought they could shame someone into silence. As a result, they publicized the very thing they hated--and as any author knows, almost any publicity is good publicity, especially on a controversial subject.

UPDATE: Here's another article on this case, from AgapePress.


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