Tuesday, April 18, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Se habla entitlement

The headline means, "Entitlement is spoken here" in Spanish. Columnist Star Parker assails the illegal-immigrant activists for demanding their "right" to enter the United States, and their further "rights" to participate in entitlement programs. Add to it that they couch their demands in Spanish.

Ms. Parker also blames Mexican officials--generations of them--for mismanaging the natural beauty and resources of their country. Mexico could be an economic powerhouse if it tried. (Especially with all that oil, but that's another topic.)

Finally, add this to it: Latinos in the American Southwest, especially in southern California, are engaging in the same lawless behavior for which blacks were once infamous. Blacks are improving their reputation now. (Star Parker herself is a case in point, as are Jesse L. Peterson, Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams, and the incomparable Mr. Justice Clarence Thomas). Latins are sullying theirs.


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