Thursday, April 20, 2006

WorldNetDaily: University rebuffs 'gay' profs, warns librarian not to retaliate

This article describes the direct communication to Scott Savage, head librarian at the Ohio State University Mansfield regional campus--a communication that he finally received only yesterday, after the Dean sent a letter around to all faculty and staff promising another round of training in tolerance of other points of view.

In this letter, Mr. T. Glenn Hill of the Human Resources (read "Personnel") Office told Mr. Savage that:

  1. Merely recommending a book does not constitute sexual harassment, even if the intentions of the complaining professors were good.
  2. Everyone needs some anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training--and one of Savage's three accusers is named as a possible "liaison person," a role that Mr. Hill does not specify nor describe in anything close to sufficient detail.
  3. Mr. Savage had better not retaliate in any way against any of the three original accusers.
Add to this rather strange communication its obvious back date: April 6, 2006. It's a back date because the letter carries an April 18 postmark, and Mr. Savage did not receive it until April 19.

This communication is highly suspect for several reasons. First, asking one of the three accusers to "liaise" for the development of anti-harassment training is like asking a fox to join a summit called to address henhouse security. It is also a bait-and-switch. Yesterday the campus dean told the faculty and staff that they all needed to learn how to tolerate other points of view. Now this personnel officer is hinting that Mr. Savage needs training in how to be more sensitive to homosexuals and other non-Christians.

And second, Ohio State cannot make Mr. Savage whole without firing those three professors. Simple justice requires that one who attempts to frame another suffer the very penalty that the other person would have suffered had the frame succeeded. Justice is not served when one of the would-be frame artists is then asked to "train" the very person that he framed.

This is the kind of sick joke that all too many educational and similar institutions play on people after they get into a dispute, not of their making, about fundamental matters of truth. My advice to Mr. Savage, therefore, is twofold:

  1. Take whatever legal or administrative action is necessary to establish to all and sundry that you are not silent and therefore do not give assent to anyone's right to frame you for anything.
  2. Leave Ohio State and apply for a job at any of a number of Christian Bible colleges, or perhaps Bob Jones University.

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