Wednesday, April 19, 2006 - Duke Defense Lawyers Say Evidence May Give Arrested Lacrosse Players Alibis - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

That evidence consists of time-stamped credit-card receipts showing that the two suspects were not even in the off-campus house where the wild party took place.

Now I have said before that the lacrosse team deserved to have their season canceled, and the coach rated a suspension from his post, after the team hired two women to take their clothes off in front of them. The coach got suspended after one of the players--not one of the two who got arrested--sent a lewd, vulgar, and obscene e-mail, the contents of which no one has released to the public, apparently discussing the accuser in terms that poured contempt upon all women.

But if that prosecutor arrested two men who were not even present--and who, furthermore, have an establishable alibi--then he has let his pandering go to the point of abject carelessness. Frankly, if that ecdysiast is telling the truth--which I doubt right now, but I still admit the possibility that something untoward did happen, beyond her being offered that disgusting gig to begin with--then I would be shocked on her behalf at the incompetence that the county prosecutor is now showing, by arresting two men who were not even on the scene.

In other news, police are searching the two suspects' dorm rooms, and the DA thinks that he can "nail" a third man. This while attorneys representing other lax players also say that the two arrestees were not even on the scene at the time that the attack, if attack it was, took place.

What a mess--and thanks a lot, whoever organized that stupid party! Now two of your buddies are in the slammer and facing years of lockup over something you started. Think about it, boys. Think about it...!


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