Saturday, April 22, 2006

WorldNetDaily: 'Fiddler' 9-11 spoof wins anti-Semitic cartoon contest

It seems that after an Iranian newspaper announced a cartoon contest for the best cartoon ridiculing the notion of a Holocaust (which the President of Iran denies ever occurred), a Jewish group sponsored its own contest for anti-Semitic drawings--by Jews themselves.

Ladies and gentlemen, no one--and I mean no one--is better at self-deprecating gallows humor than Jews. If you want proof, I could cite the play Jewtopia.

The story of a Gentile who wants to marry a Jewish that he will never have to make another decision.
And now we have this contest. Take a gander at the prize-winning entry and the honorable mentions. They are priceless!

And they illustrate another home truth: sometimes when someone wants to be insulting, you throw the insult right back in their faces. Kudos, guys, and mazel tov.


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