Sunday, April 23, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Duke scandal 'perfect storm' for 'race hustlers'

That leader is The Rev. Jesse L. Peterson of Brotherhood Organized for a New Destiny, or BOND. I quote:
If these young men were black they would be treated with kid gloves; if the victim was a male this case would be laughed out of court...DNA tests have failed to connect these boys to this alleged crime; yet their mug shots are plastered in the media as if they've already been found guilty. Where's the photo of the alleged victim?
I'll offer only one qualifier. I don't think those two boys who got arrested are guilty of anything more serious than earning a reputation for bad behavior (Collin Finnerty once slugged someone for no good reason in Washington, DC), and association (by virtue of their membership in the team) with the idiotic team captains who hired those ecdysiasts to begin with. Obviously The Rev. Mr. Peterson has at least as many doubts about this case as I have. But boys who hire exhibitionists--or prostitutes--aren't exactly innocent, even if they are not exactly guilty as charged.

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