Tuesday, July 25, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Threat: Cancer teen to be taken by force

And for what reason, say I, other than that a judge has decided to plump for a "cadeuceocracy"--a state in which a doctor's orders carry the force of law?

As a doctor myself, I wouldn't even recommend the second course of chemotherapy--not after it has already failed once. The chances of success with a second round are almost nil--and certainly not significantly better, in my professional opinion, than those of the alternative treatments that Abraham Cherrix desires to try.

And as a citizen I find the notion of ordering such treatment repugnant in the extreme. That way lies forced abortion, for example.

Sadly, as a Christian I cannot recommend that his family resist the government by force. The best they could do now is flee their own country and live in exile in Mexico--which is where the alternative-therapy developer has his practice. Things might come to a head today.


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