Monday, October 02, 2006

WorldNetDaily: North American Union threat gets attention of congressmen

For months, WorldNetDaily has been following a story with strange hints of attempts to form a North American Union, analogous to the European Union. In the process they have chased a lot of rumors, including one of a planned north-to-south highway that would not be part of the Interstate Highway System and along which international long-haul truckers could move all manner of goods without being subject to State safety inspections along the way.

Many people in and out of government have dismissed the North American Union allegation out of hand. Of course, some of those people dismiss WorldNetDaily as an Internet nut site--which it most certainly is not. Others have simply said that WND is misconstruing a far less-reaching plan for increased security cooperation among the three territorial giants of North America. (For the government's official denials, click here.)

But now four US Congressmen are on record as expressing their opposition to the concept. One of them has gone so far as to introduce a House Resolution condemning any such union as this. This will force some debate in Congress, and maybe now we'll learn the truth of the matter--or separate fact from fiction.

One thing that gives me pause about this story is that any such North American Union would have to involve the British Commonwealth. After all, Canada is a member of the Commonwealth, and was part of the British Empire before that. Then, too, the USA and Canada have a military history between them almost as contentious as that between the USA and Mexico. Still, a union between the USA and Canada has been a staple of popular fiction even before NAFTA. The details we've been getting from our government have been worse than sketchy, and President Bush has not been willing to support the security of our borders, northern or southern, until recent political events forced his hand. A Congressional investigation of the claims and counterclaims is long overdue.


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