Wednesday, November 08, 2006

WorldNetDaily: 1st lady speaker to clean House


You heard that right; that's the sound of a shirt ripping.

S'matter? Haven't you ever witnessed an honest-to-God Old Testament-style clothes-rending?

The inmates have taken over the asylum. Worse than that, a Minnesota district has elected a Quisling.

Expect an Iraq withdrawal timetable within days. My advice to the soldiers on the ground over there: Just win, baby. Give no quarter. Time has just run out.

And unless Conrad Burns and George Allen can pull themselves out of their holes, expect a sitting Justice of the Supreme Court to hang up his robes and let a liberal get in. (I have received rumors, to which I have lost the link, saying that John Paul Stevens might be the Justice expected to retire. His Wikipedia entry, updated last night, indicates that he has hired clerks through 2008, thus showing that he has no desire to retire. But his medical condition might force the issue.

I pray for the now wretched state of my country. I'm sure Jeremiah might know how I feel about now.


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