Thursday, January 26, 2006 - PC(USA) Renewal: Life Issues are Key in Return to Orthodoxy

This represents one very common response, within mainline denominations, to the leftward tilt of their leadership: form a coalition of clery and laypeople to challenge the leadership and, if possible, get them thrown out of office in the next church elections.

The overall goals of organizations like Presbyterians Pro-Life are laudable: they seek to restore proper respect for Scripture and a proper appreciation for the Christian's place and role in the social order.

But the way they're going about it will not solve the problem. A far better response would be to leave these backsliding churches. Paul the Apostle specifically exhorted his readers to separate from worldly practices--and if a church won't do that, then--as Jesus would no doubt advise--let those churches be to you as a social club or a tax office.


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