Tuesday, January 24, 2006

WorldNetDaily: NBC pulls the plug on 'Book of Daniel'

Here is WorldNetDaily's article on the cancellation of The Book of Daniel, which I first reported here as soon as John Kenny announced it on the blog apparently operated by the Episcopal Diocese of Washington--though whether they really want to admit it is anyone's guess. WND says that NBC won't even air any more of the episodes they have thus far received; they scheduled an episode of Law and Order in that time slot for this coming Friday. And again, small wonder, with them losing two or three million dollars per show, their affiliates fleeing, and their national advertisers heeding the warnings--by the American Family Association and by yours truly (through other channels)--that the show would be a ratings disaster and a source of disrepute.

This abrupt mid-season cancellation follows the announcement of the non-renewal of The West Wing after seven seasons. Rush Limbaugh had already observed that show after show depicting liberal ideals, such as they are, is failing.


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