Tuesday, January 24, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Texas border standoff with Mexican military

This sort of thing has been happening for years, because no one wants to "start an international incident." But with the Federales mounting machine guns on the US side of the border, the Federales have started an international incident, not anyone on the US side. They're doing it to run drugs into this country, of course, because drugs pay big-time.

If any of you reading this is a user of cocaine or marijuana or any other such drug, think about this before you toke up next time. Better yet, if you're a Senator or Representative, take this as another indication that we need to secure our border. This will mean, at a minimum, clearing military personnel on this side to stop staying a mile away from the border and get in close and do battle with the Federales if they have to. Nothing would better demonstrate to Mexico that we mean business than taking a few prisoners-of-war.


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