Thursday, January 26, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Campus holy war over 'gay' posters

The posters involved say that homosexual and/or trans-gendered students can regard the school as a "safe space." Five teachers have balked at hanging the poster in their classrooms, saying that their religious beliefs prevent them from doing so.

This is an example of why the public schools are no longer a fit place for a Christian to have his children educated. The message, of course, is that "gay is good." The pressure can only be to encourage students to become homosexual, or else be branded as intolerant of new ways of thinking. "Be willing to try something new before you decide that you do not like it" is a common schoolteacher maxim. That poster is now encouraging students to try something they ought not touch with a seven-cubit pole.

Interestingly, even one teacher who says he agrees with the message prefers not to hang the poster in his classroom. The reason: it "could be political." Could be? Is.

Pagans or publicans, sportsfans. Separate, separate, separate.


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