Friday, January 27, 2006

WorldNetDaily: U.S. behind border skirmish, suggests top Mexican official

Talk about an insult to our intelligence! And a downright lie.

When a group of thirty-odd men dressed in Federale uniforms stood off against a Texas sheriff and US Border Patrolmen, the White House, we now learn, did what any reasonable head-of-state would do: sent our ambassador to Mexico's foreign office to complain. Mexico's response is to suggest that American citizens have been running drugs across the Mexican border, that those were Americans (and perhaps even American GI's!) wearing those Federale uniforms, and that the Texas sheriff who provided descriptions of what he had seen was exhibiting racial discrimination!

Why do some people always cry "racial discrimination" whenever someone turns in a description of a criminal suspect, and that description would never fit a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant? But more to the point: what kind of neighbors are these Mexicans when they invent such a ridiculous cover story for an embarrassing incident? The drug-runner cover was flimsy enough, but at least it was still plausible--had they pledged to investigate fully who was wearing Federale uniforms when they were not Federales. But when they say they are American GI's, that makes me think that those thirty-odd men were indeed Federale regulars. Even my third theory--renegades in the pay of drug runners--is less likely because of the insulting thing that the Mexicans have now said.

If I were the President, I would be seeking a declaration of war right about now.


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