Thursday, February 02, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Feds secure NFL profits instead of football fans?

I have this vision. A Federal agent swoops in on a concessionaire, and says, "Let me see your copy license for those souvenir trophies! No license? You're under arrest for selling contraband goods, in violation of NFL's copyrights!"

And then out of the sky drops a hijacked Goodyear blimp, which then blows up. And the last thing that agent feels is a twenty-millimeter tearing the back of his head off.

Sound familiar? It might. It's a rewrite of the 1970's thriller Black Sunday, the last time that Hollywood speculated on terrorists trying to crash the Super Bowl.

Priorities! Federal agents don't need to be enforcing copyrights! Leave that to Pinkerton Detective Agency, or any other cadre of rent-a-cops or rent-a-dicks that the National Football League cares to hire--and pay! Federal agents get paid to protect the public safety. And even if the FBI is charged with copyright enforcement, it ought to lay that aside when other, more dire threats are in play.


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