Monday, February 06, 2006

WorldNetDaily: NAACP chief denies equating GOP, Nazis

And yet neither he nor the university at which he spoke will release a tape or a transcript of his speech.

He also says that the only reports that he compared Republicans to Nazis appeared in a "right-wing blog." Two things are wrong with that statement:

  1. WorldNetDaily is not a blog. It is a news site with very tight editorial control. Nothing gets printed until the editors have checked, rechecked, and double-checked every fact mentioned. (Well, now Julian Bond's words are appearing here, or at least with a link, so I suppose Mr. Bond is now correct. But if he was talking about WorldNetDaily, he wasn't.)
  2. If he's not going to release the transcript, and not going to "get in a back-and-forth about what [he] did say," then I suppose he's going to let the reports stand. That's a very dangerous thing for a man in his position. If he thinks that WorldNetDaily misquoted him, then let him sue them. That's what courts are for.
I'll tell you what will happen if he does sue. He'll lose. Truth is an absolute defense to a charge of libel, and he knows it. So now he's trying to stall, one of the two favorite tactics of a liberal caught with his foot in his mouth. (The other is to cry, "Context dropping!", forgetting that some things are inappropriate in any context.)

But then I expected no better of him. He is a typical black separatist, one who would rather fight a race war than work for genuine reconciliation. The contrast between him and men like Jesse Lee Peterson and Walter E. Williams is palpable.

Well, everyone is known by the company one keeps. Individuals--of whatever skin color--can make their own decisions about company-keeping and about everything else.