Wednesday, April 12, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Public school teachers gone wild!

The issue this time isn't teachers going on love trysts with their students, though that in itself is bad, and rampant, enough. This time the issue is politics in the classroom--expressed this time with some very obscene language.

Now I can understand a teacher making an occasional political statement. But a teacher making such a statement shouldn't take up the whole class with it. And if a teacher is going to talk politics in class, then he needs to preface, or at least accompany, his remarks with a disclaimer. Here's my suggestion:

The views expressed by your teacher are my own and do not necessarily represent those of [such-a] State/Commonwealth, [such-a] City/County, [such-a] School District, or this School.
Unhappily, that's not the usual course. Instead, we see long, involved multimedia (in my day they called them "audiovisuals") presentations lampooning government officeholders (all on one side), lengthy rants and raves, and worse yet, the offering of class credit for political activity--again, all on one side, and often teacher-directed.

It's enough, as Ms. Malkin wraps up, to consider homeschooling.


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