Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bozell's Entertainment Column -- 05/15/2006 -- No Passion Against the "Code" -- Media Research Center

L. Brent Bozell is, of course, the author of And That's The Way It Is(n't), which I remember best for its picture of the smashed-in TV set with a baseball bat lying beside it.

Bozell's point is simple: the major media treated The Passion of the Christ as either a social problem or as crass merchandising of Christ, while a film like The DaVinci Code gets all the free advertising that a movie maker could want. Here are, respectively, an executive summary and a full report giving all the bloody, gory evidence in support of that statement.

Actually, this is all becoming a great crashing bore--same as the critics originally said that the DaVinci movie was. It is simply another reason why I don't go to more than maybe one movie a year, and many of my fellow churchmen never go to the movies at all.

It is also entirely predictable, and predicted. People will believe silly tripe like The DaVinci Code because, to them, the idea of a Man rising from the dead three days after having been executed is just plain foolishness. The Bible predicts exactly that result. The Bible also predicts far worse persecution than a silly book and an equally silly movie.

But it also predicts that, at the last, Jesus is coming back on a war charger. And some people are in for a killer shock.


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