Tuesday, May 23, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Another prof freaks over 'Marketing of Evil'

The professor involved is Hannibal Hamlin, associate professor of English, at Ohio State University. He contributed yet another rant against Librarian Scott Savage and author David Kupelian (The Marketing of Evil), accusing the latter of "factual errors" (and failing to cite any) and the former of refusing to yield to reason when "confronted" with these "errors."

Now I have already spoken about this issue here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. The latest article (linked to this title) examines Hannibal Hamlin's charge and finds it unsupported--because Hamlin simply repeats another person's catch phrase and cites no evidence to back it up.

On the other hand, Professor Norman Jones, one of the three original accusers who had their case thrown out, did make a spcific allegation of factual error:

The anti-gay book Scott Savage endorses (below) falsely claims that "the widely revered father of the 'sexual revolution' has been irrefutably exposed as a full-fledged sexual psychopath who encouraged pedophilia." This is a factually untrue characterization of Dr. Kinsey and his work on every point (including "widely revered father of the 'sexual revolution'"). By any scholarly standards, regardless of whether one is more conservative or liberal, this kind of claim is a Jerry-Springer-style anti-factual rabble-rousing that has no place in any university. I am frankly embarrassed for you, Scott, that you would endorse this kind of homophobic tripe.
Let's take two points about Mr. Jones' rant. First, does he doubt that Alfred Kinsey is widely revered? Does he himself not revere Prof. Kinsey? And indeed Prof. Kinsey is the academic father of the sexual revolution--because only after he published his report on male sexuality did an impressionable college student named Hugh Hefner have an opportunity to read it. The rest--starting with Hefner's "realization" that he had been missing out on a lot of pleasure, and now he was going to get his share--is part of the sorry history of our disintegrating culture.

And as to the rest? In addition to David Kupelian's own response, I give you the testimony of Janice Shaw Crouse and Judith Reisman, each of whom exposes Kinsey as a perpetrator of scientific fraud as egregious as Piltdown Man.

So--no, Professor Hamlin. David Kupelian is not in error, and you should be careful what you say about Scott Savage. He might have cause to sue you for slander.


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