Friday, May 12, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Episcopalians want trial for homosexual bishop

The bishop involved is none other than The Right Reverend Canon V. Eugene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire--the Episcopal Church's first openly homosexual bishop. Not only that, but the group calling itself Lay Episcopalians for the Anglican Communion want all the bishops who voted to consecrate him to stand trial as well. And if this does not happen, they want the Archbishop of Canterbury to withdraw his recognition of the Episcopal Church as the American Province of the Anglican Communion and, in effect, name a new Primate of America.

I regret to say that it is too late for that sort of thing. It was too late back in the days of Otis Pike, and it was certainly too late in the days of The Rt. Rev. John Shelby Spong, Bishop of Newark. The Bible does not even give any warrant for dioceses and archdioceses, such as those found in the Roman Catholic Church, or for Anglican provinces, which are the Anglican equivalent of archdioceses.

So what, you ask, do I recommend? Get out of the Anglican Communion altogether. Don't mess with it anymore. Be separate, be not unequally yoked, and come out of Babylon the Little.


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