Tuesday, May 09, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Cleric says Christians 'adopted Satan as God'

The cleric involved is a Muslim cleric, not a Christian amillennialist or postmillennialist. Anyone familiar with Christian eschatology might at first suspect that the notion that those who support Israel are following Satan rather than God must come from some extreme sub-sect of the Dutch Reformed school. (Sadly, Martin Luther earned a nasty reputation for being anti-Jewish, and the notion that the Christian church has properly replaced Israel in God's affections is straight out of Dutch Reformed teaching and similar "replacement theologies.")

But this comes from a senior cleric in the Palestinian Authority, and is nothing more than an excuse to persecute Christian and Jew alike in PA-controlled territories.

I'll thank any Muslim cleric to keep his fatwas to himself, so long as the Koran contains words that exhort its readers to commit murder and treason. And I especially repudiate words like these.


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