Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Let's Othercott Da Vinci - Christianity Today Movies

Barbara Nicolosi, the head of Act One, a project intended to train Christians to write saleable screenplays, pans the recently released motion picture The Da Vinci Code. The word "othercott" is a jocular play on the word boycott, an obvious reference to the May Day immigration protests.

(You noticed that I didn't have much to say about those. Mostly because I never noticed a thing. Traffic was a little lighter than I expected, but not so light that I would conclude that a lot of illegal motorists suddenly decided to stay off the road. But I digress.)

Back to The Da Vinci Code: the producers of that film must be having ulcers by now. A scant few weekends before it's due to come out, Sixty Minutes produced this segment on the so-called Priory of Sion. Their conclusion: that the Priory of Sion and every "finding" connected with it are total frauds.

Add to it that Jesus Christ is still the Best-attested Figure in human history, that His Birth, Ministry, Crucifixion and Resurrection were all predicted well in advance of the actual events (no less than four hundred fifty-six times), and that the probability of only forty-eight of these predictions about Him coming to pass by chance alone is equal to ten to the power of minus one hundred fifty-seven--which amounts to one part in ten thousand quinquagintillion! (It's also ten times the thirty-ninth power of a myriad, for all you Hellenic readers out there.)

So am I planning on "engaging" this movie, or the book that forms its basis? No. I am not a professional literary critic. Whenever I do literary criticism, it's for the love of it--and I can find in myself no "love" for reading an atheist tract like that, that turns out to have its entire basis in lies, as even a secularistic journalist finds himself forced to agree.


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