Tuesday, May 09, 2006

'Get Out of San Francisco' - Christianity Today Magazine

That's what San Francisco's Board of Supes said to 25,000 Christian youth who rallied against the anti-Christian influences of the culture.

The last time the Supes did this, they got sued. They lost--partly because the case wound up before the Ninth Circus, but also because the Supes didn't do anymore than bellow in their resolution--as they did this time. Merely saying that the Christians should get out of San Francisco is not the same as legally banishing them from San Francisco.

The flip side of that is that they can bellow all they want, but the youth will come back, and back, and back.

But the time will come when a government at some level--and not merely the San Francisco County Board of Supervisors--will not merely banish Christians, but arrest them. That will occur, of course, when they are "worshiping the monster." [Revelation 13:4]


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