Sunday, July 09, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Professor Dan Rather at Harvard University?

That's right: Harvard, the oldest university in America, a place of learning originally for clergymen--and most ironically of all, an institution whose motto is the Latin word Veritas, which means "Truth."

Well, after Harvard sacked its President, Lawrence Summers, for suggesting that maybe women found math class to be tough because it was in their genes, I knew then that Harvard clearly had no more regard for the truth than it had for its clergy-training heritage. This confirms it. If they hire a known liar and fraud to teach courses in journalism and public policy, then they will have shown to all and sundry where their heads are.

Now some of you might possibly remember that I'm a Yale man. And you might expect me to crow about Yale having one-up on Harvard by default. Sadly, I can't--because Yale has no more regard for truth than Harvard has.


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