Thursday, October 26, 2006

WorldNetDaily: The rise of the procreative class

The title of this article is misleading. Jack Cashill devotes only a small portion of his article to the suggestion that a new procreative class will inherit some of our nation's cities and make them work. He spends the rest of his time--and time well spent--attacking Robert Florida's recent Rise of the Creative Class as a flawed and incomplete analysis of the trends in major US cities.

The flaw in Robert Florida's thesis is his use of the proportion of homosexual people in a city as a measure of that city's creative potential. Cashill shows convincingly that that proportion is an indicator of something else: that the now-dominant "creative class" has ceased to be procreative and is now become rigid and authoritarian, with long lists of forbidden "hate words," a tendency to accept any "science" that supports their anti-procreative ideology, even if it is flawed (or fraudulent), and the deliberate shunning of any group that disagrees with them.

I'll vouch for something else: that in the end, the creative class ceases to create anything meaningful. You're not even likely to get the next Great Invention that will change society for the better, like the electric light, the radio, TV, the personal computer (the other PC), and now nanotechnology. How can you have innovation when you police thought?

And you're even less likely to get any truly great art, literature, or music. Behold the products of the "creative" Blue Parentheses today. No, don't behold them. They'll drive you right over the edge of madness, if they don't bore you to death.

Cashill perhaps didn't have space to mention one last point, but I'll mention it here: those that are having all the children are those that value them. Right now that includes conservative Christians (and really conservative Jews, too) on one side, and Muslims on the other. That will lead to a shooting war over the heartland, while the few remaining denizens of the Blue Parentheses gaze on in horror, waiting to see which side will hale them before their respective (or should I say prospective) post-war tribunals. (To those same Blue Paren denizens, I give you this advice: the Christians will treat you far more kindly than will the Muslims. You know that neither one of us will care to watch your disgusting movies anymore. But at least we won't chop your heads off.)


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