Monday, October 09, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Thanks for cleaning house, Democrats!

Andrew Longman points out the obvious: the Foley scandal (if you grant that anyone is still talking about it when North Korea just conducted a nuclear test) will clean the Republican house in a way that the Republicans themselves would never have been able to do. Lack of courage is but one reason why practicing homosexuals still exist on Republican congressional staffs, and even among the elected officials themselves. A clubbish attitude always militates against discipline, even when discipline is necessary. But Longman points out that the traditional media organs--which I call the Fishwrap Axis--would never forgive the Republicans for purging their legislative staffs and inviting homosexual Sneators and Representatives out of the Party. But when Democrats do the job for the Republicans, the Fishwrappers don't seem to mind, or even to notice!

Bottom line: regardless of the outcome of these midterm elections, the outlook for the next Presidential election will be even brighter for family-friendly advocates than it otherwise would have been. To paraphrase Longman, family-minded voters will be better able to trust candidates--Republicans, anyway--who say that they share their values.

Add to it that Republicans still represent populations that have a higher proportion of folks that are:

  1. married,
  2. with children,
  3. and lots of them.

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