Sunday, January 29, 2006

Iraqi General: Syria Gave Al Qaida Saddam's WMDs

Remember General Sada, who said that Saddam Hussein ordered his WMD's smuggled out of Iraq on gutted-out commercial airliners? Now comes another bombshell. He reveals for the first time what Sean Hannity and others suspected when terrorists tried to launch a gas attack against Amman: that the chemical munitions used in that abortive attack were the very chemical munitions that Saddam smuggled out of his country before we invaded.

Sada has also said--and he said it on Sean Hannity's radio program--that he repeatedly dissuaded Saddam Hussein from embarking on some really crazy plots--like using chemical weapons against Israel. Basically, the general asked Saddam if he wanted to get nuked--which Sada said would happen if Saddam pulled a stunt like that, and I say the general is correct. The trouble is that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and others like him, are even crazier than Saddam Hussein in his least lucid moments. And they might be in possession of even more such munitions than what the Jordanians were able to seize.


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