Saturday, January 28, 2006

Mexico Army Likely Part of Border Incident

More details on that incident in Hudspeth County, Texas (seated in El Paso):

The thirty-odd Mexican nationals apparently were wearing poor imitations of Federale uniforms. But they had military equipment. Congress has now scheduled hearings--or so the Hudspeth County Sheriff understands.

The Mexicans now say that the uniforms and equipment that Sheriff Arvin West and his deputies saw that day could have been stolen. But earlier this week they were saying that American GI's were involved. Talk about not being able to keep your story straight. Vi-cennn-taaayyy! You've got some 'splainin' to do!

But what I want to know is: Where is the Texas State Guard? If any need ever arose for this force, which is separate and apart from the Texas National Guard forces and is fully authorized under 32 USC 1:109(c), then surely this is it. The next time any such armed force comes two hundred yards inside our border--why, take them prisoner! The Texas State Guard can act on the word of the Governor of Texas, and not even the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff can interfere.


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