Monday, February 06, 2006

WorldNetDaily: The cartoon that shook the world

Make that cartoons--plural. Well, let's see--we have Muhammad with a head full of high explosive and a burning fuse--and a short fuse, too. That would go along with the change he made in the whole thrust of the religion he invented, in what by historical standards is a fit of pique. We have another one that says that, just as Muslim women must cover everything but their eyes, Muhammad exposes everything but his eyes--which could stand for him being a criminal or simply having the sort of eyes a man in his position dares not reveal. Looking at the one about Muhammad being so tall that his pack donkey looks toy-like standing next to him, I can't quite discern what the cartoonist was trying to convey. The one morphing the crescent moon into a pair of horns is more telling, but it's a cliche.

My personal favorite: Muhammad yelling at a bunch of bombed-out men, "Stop! We have run out of virgins!" That might be a sad commentary on the state of the world: just how many virgins remain? (Then again, the Koran never says where those virgins are supposed to come from.) More to the point: it emphasizes everything that is wrong with that belief system--besides the obvious point that it's all a lie.

Oh, and in case anyone wants to know: tonight I am eating pork chops for dinner. Jesus--Who would consider blasphemous any suggestion that He was a mere Prophet--said long ago never to call anything unclean that God has made clean. But I don't expect anyone to understand, if the best thing that one does is to burn embassies.


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