Tuesday, February 07, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Hamas declares war – on Rotary Clubs

Not only Rotary International, but also Lions Clubs International (and, I presume, Kiwanis and Civitan International, too). And the UN itself. So says Article 22 of the Hamas Charter.

Talk about jawing about things they know nothing about! My father was a Rotarian. Rotary International was something you joined if you were civic-minded. And they're not idle. They do many good things, including maintaing scholarship funds. Don't just take my word for it. Follow the above links and see for yourselves what these organizations do with their dues and their time. You'll find that they are not "just a place to go on a weekday evening"--and not part of any grand Zionist conspiracy, either.

A conspiracy theory of history always has this big problem: a conspiracy that big couldn't possibly hold together. The problem with human history is sin, and that will resolve only at the Last Battle. More to the point: this strikes me as just more taquiyya on the part of yet another Muslim radical group--the practice of lying deliberately to non-Muslims, who are always your enemies.


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