Monday, July 10, 2006

WorldNetDaily: U.S.-Mexico merger opposition intensifies

I don't know whether to credit Joseph L. Farah's specific theories--or not. I will say that a breakup of the United States would make perfect sense to certain elite-minded opinion-makers, and that missionaries from LDC's have informed me that they see signs of a coming one-world federation affecting their work. (Currency exchanges, that sort of thing).

To his credit, Mr. Farah is now reporting increasing opposition to the sort of ill-considered and ill-advised cross-border "cooperation" that this administration seems to be pushing. From Lou Dobbs at CNN (and I congratulate Mr. Dobbs; I didn't think he had it in him) to Minuteman Operations Chief Christ Simcox, people are not only talking about it but also doing something about it. And you know they're touching some nerves when the rent-a-mobs call such men racists.

This article is all about the opposition, but it has specific links to prior stories from WorldNetDaily. Read them, and judge, for yourselves. Again, though I suspect that Mr. Farah has a curious mixture of fact and unsubstantiated (and insubstantial) rumor, the one thing he will never do is lie to you. Which is more than I can say for a certain former TV anchorman now considered for a teaching job--at Harvard, of all places!


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